Minispot G2A

Grooving machine for Minispot grooves of size 2


G2A is the Minispot grooving machine for cut out knots, resin pockets or damaged areas in sizes 2. The movable cover allows the groove to be cut very close to the rabbet edge, without the material thickness of the base plate coming into play. The transparent rear cover enables accurate positioning of the G2A over the relevant area, thus ensuring a perfect repair.

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Minispot G2A
  • carbide cutter
  • set of tools
  • Manual

Carbide tipped cutter, Z4 for Minispot patches size 2

Product information

Easy positioning

The integrated transparent cover enables easy and precise alignment over the damaged area.

Movable cover

The movable cover means minimal distance between the cutter and rabbet edge.

Technical information machines

Power (W):
780 W
Voltage (V):
230 V
Speed (U/min):
10‘000 minˉ¹
Cutting width max:
8 mm
Weight (kg):
3.1 Kg
Carbide tipped Minispot cutter size 2

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